Cache Cleaners

Village Tower Shoppes, Boca Raton

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Caché Cleaners

Owner: Amir Momin

Phone: 561-394-4646

Village Tower Shoppes


  • Individual Ownership
  • Family-operated Businesses
  • Eclectic Service Mixes
  • More than 15 Years
  • Deep Customer & Community Commitment
  • Pride in Services Provided
  • Ambiance

Caché Cleaners

Caché Cleaners combines convenience and friendly service with state of-the-art cleaning for all of your fabric care needs. Turn to Caché for dry cleaning, professional stain removal and expert finishing. In addition to a full range of fabric cleaning services and wedding gown preservation, their experienced personnel can also handle alterations and repairs of your seasonal items. From unparalleled cleaning techniques to speedy and efficient drop-offs and pick-ups, Caché Cleaners takes pride in delivering superior quality customer satisfaction to the Boca Raton community.

Located in the South of Boca Raton, in the Boca Del Mar and Boca Point Neighborhoods, between Military Trail and Powerline Road on SW 18 St.

Cache Cleaners

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Cache Dry Cleaners Boca Raton
Dry cleaning in boca raton