Howard’s Market And Deli

Village Tower Shoppes, Boca Raton

(561) 392-2422


Howard’s Market & Deli

Proprietor: Howard Adkin, Jr. Phone: 561-392-2422

Village Tower Shoppes


  • Individual Ownership
  • Family-operated Businesses
  • Eclectic Service Mixes
  • More than 15 Years
  • Deep Customer & Community Commitment
  • Pride in Services Provided
  • Ambiance

Howard’s Market & Deli

Howard’s Market was established in 1986 with the vision of becoming a leader in the epicurean grocery market. Our philosophy is simple: Give the customer the best products and services at a fair market price and they will frequent you 52 weeks a year.

When Howard’s first opened, it was a vision of  father and son Howard Adkin Sr. and Howard Adkin Jr., with 70 years of combined experience in the retail grocery industry, and over 28 years in the foodservice industry.   Howard’s is now run by the Adkin brothers, Howard and Barry, keeping the family tradition alive through the generations, and continuing to serve  the Boca Raton community.

Howard’s has expanded to over  10,000 sq. ft. and is a grocery experience that includes a butcher and seafood shop, old world bakery and pastry shop, deli, produce and grocery departments, beer and wine cellar and catering division.

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Howard's Market & Deli - Wine Selection
Howard's Market & Deli - Wine Selection