Yogurt Emporium

Village Tower Shoppes, Boca Raton

(561) 347-1140


Yogurt Emporium

Owner: Randy Marks

Phone: (561) 347-1140

Village Tower Shoppes


  • Individual Ownership
  • Family-operated Businesses
  • Eclectic Service Mixes
  • More than 15 Years
  • Deep Customer & Community Commitment
  • Pride in Services Provided
  • Ambiance

In the mood for a tasty desert?

Look no further than The Yogurt Emporium where we serve the freshest, most delicious frozen yogurt in town. 16 flavors and 30 toppings daily guarantee a fit for every taste. The Yogurt Emporium is also a safe zone for the health-conscious, featuring a range of no-fat, no-sugar, low-carb flavors.

Located in the South of Boca Raton, in the Boca Del Mar and Boca Point Neighborhoods, between Military Trail and Powerline Road on SW 18 St.

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Yogurt Emporium Boca Raton
Yogurt Emporium Boca Raton